Monday, February 18, 2013

Living on a Prayer

 Oh Boy, if we could have been the three little angels like the ones pictured, my parents would have been very happy.  This picture shows a sister is doing exactly what she is supposed to and my brother Randy and I.......well she is not too happy about it as you can see.  We really had a tiny house and to think we had a piano in it for all those years.  My Mom did reach a point when none of us survived more then a year of piano lessons to get rid of it.  But, it was a wedding gift from her brother so it had a lot of meaning.  Reminding me we also had an organ my parents won when they were on the television show "Beat the Clock".  My sister, brother and I really loved to watch television together and it would be quite the challenge to find something we all shared an interest in.  I remember our favorites were Flinstones, Jetsons, the Munsters, the Brady Bunch, Mickey Mouse Club, Flipper, I Love Lucy and Sunday Night Disney and the Ed Sullivan Show.  Later my very favorite memories were of my sister and I watching Tom Jones show together and getting our curling irons out and using them as microphones.  My favorite memory of watching tv with my mom was watching the Elvis Presley in Hawaii concert and she was very vocal about how much he had changed and how talented he was.  My dad's favorite was the Mets and of course they were the Miracle Mets at the time...I will never forget 1969 when so many boys hid transistor radios in their pockets and put ear phones in so not to be seen or heard for the much for that when the Mets would score they yelled and the nun went around and confiscated  all the radios.....never to be returned.  And, favorite brother memory would be all of them......he could do no wrong in my eyes.  I do remember he loved the 4:30 movies after school and I would be happy if it was Gidget week.

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