Monday, April 28, 2014

Channeling my inner flower power hippieness

 Needed a trip to New Hope to see a vibrant, busy, creative, alive Main Street America
 Needed to see a store I enjoyed twenty five years ago........still there!!!!!
 Needed to see some sixties inspiration!
 Needed to see a mailbox on a Main Street.....when is the last time you saw that?
Needed to see a creative business very busy and full of pictures of customers and vibrant colors!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trip Around the World without leaving Jersey

 When we went on a cruise last week, I started the vacation at a book store.  I didn't find anything to read.  So, when we got home I started googling my favorite author and realized she had a new book.  Her name is Elizabeth Gilbert and she wrote:  Eat, Pray, Love.  I followed the website and liked her facebook page.  Then realized her home just was featured in the New York Times and it was for sale and it was in New Jersey!
 Upon reading more the author is now married and they own a store in Frenchtown, NJ.  I start to look at what events she has upcoming.  She will be with Oprah at the are I am sure worth it, but expensive.
 I just need some inspiration, not spend a fortune.  This morning I am thinking what a great way to spend the day, but to take a ride there.  Kaylyn had an interview this morning and thought she might like to join me.  We were very close to going, but she had to back for work at 4pm and didn't want to rush the trip.  I know we will probably be back to New Hope on Sunday......mmmm  maybe Glen would want to go.
 Then Ian called to ask for a ride from Trenton station and that was perfect because Frenchtown is about 30 miles above Trenton.  I wonder as we are driving if all of her books would be available.  Not only are they available......they are all signed!
 The store named Two Buttons is huge.  It is like a trip around the world with an exotic collection of goods filling every nook and cranny.  As soon as we walked in the door we knew we were in for a treat!  Best of all it is in New Jersey.  Again we are SO lucky to live here!!!!!
My purchase was five sheets of handmade paper and Elizabeth Gilbert's newest book:  The Signature of All Things.  What an unexpected wonderful day!  I am going to use the paper to make greeting cards.  I will share pictures soon!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some Earth Day thoughts......

   I always feel good on Earth Day since, we started our business.  I love the idea of what we do is  being creative with records that aren't played anymore.  I love hearing your positive responses to what we do also.  There is an unlimited and endless supply of records, especially ones that were made famous by selling millions of copies.  This year we have decided to sell EVERYTHING handmade!!!!  After a few years we have seen just how well the items that we make outsell everything else.  We also have seen your enthusiasm in buying old vinyl also.  We will have more records available for sale, also.  Glen is making a lot of inventory already.  I am starting to make a huge amount of cards and journals this week.  And, my daughter Kaylyn will be painting dogs on vinyl and making greeting cards.  We will be probably be back in business by mid- May......yay!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

People.....get ready....

     May is approaching.  Meaning I have the task of restocking the store for summer.  In January a water main broke and dumped water all over this display.  So, all the things I spend the most time making were ruined.   Since, the store has become so seasonal because of the rebuilding of the boardwalk, it has given me the gift of time.  So, I have been working real hard and most days off I am fighting a cold and on the coach like a vegetable.  But, we get to go on vacation the week ending with Easter.  Perfect!  The time of the year for the RISING!  I plan on recharging my batteries!  And then all my days off will be spent making cards, journals and scrapbooks.  I do like spending my time like this way but, when you became exhausted it becomes a challenge.  My daughter is home this year, so she plans on helping her dad at the store.  I have described how when I make each card and add a glisten to the ocean or a building on the card it gives me the best feeling.  To be a part of watching Asbury Park come back to life has to be one of the best feelings.  Having my children and watching them grow of course is the best.  But, when it was time for them to go out on their own, I was left with an empty feeling.  Asbury Park has filled my soul.  As I approach the summer I am more pensive then ever.  A lot has changed since the first summer.   But, it is time to get ready!  I am so looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new faces.