Thursday, October 23, 2014

Better Days Are Coming!

When I bought this CD after my twins were born, it was a rebirth for me personally.  I had been married for nine years.  Was working very hard.  Owned a house which we rented out and then rented one we could live in.  Sounds a little weird but,  we worked really hard to get pregnant.  Getting very personal here, but it was quite the journey, and I was  put through the ringer.  I had surgery and was on some pretty heavy duty fertility drugs.......for years.  When I did get pregnant it was with twins which was joyful but, a lot of pressure to make everything perfect for them.  My pregnancy was actually not so bad.  But, I don't think anyone really knew how worried I was.  I at the same time was very assured that we were going to have perfect boy and girl twins and all would be well.
By this time nothing musically was setting my heart on fire, either.  So, when I was in the car driving the twins around this was the CD of choice for me.  Glen and I were pretty funny with the twins also as instead of holding their arms and not doing "so big", we grabbed their arms and said "we will rock you".  We would play that song by Queen a lot and have them sit on our laps and rock their little arms. They would smile and giggle....such great memories.
Ian and Kaylyn were always the entertainers for us.  We were happy to all sit down for dinner at home every night and let the show begin.  We always shared good conversation and most meals ended with Kaylyn and Ian leaving the table and going to the kitchen and whispering back and forth.  They would come to the entry to the dining room and the show would begin.  One would do the introduction and they would sing, dance or tell a joke.  It was the best!!!!
So, one day I came home from work and Ian, had pulled out the CD "Better Days".  He looked at me and said:  " Mom this is good stuff...why don't you ever listen to it?".  I wanted to blurt out "I listened to lullabies, cartoons, disney movies FOR YOU that's why"  But, I didn't I just stood there amazed and said: " it is good stuff....I am REALLY glad you like it!"  Years went by and we would listen to the NOW cds which seemed to make everyone in the car happy.
Fast forward to life in 2014.....well yesterday.  I am totally exhausted.  Working six days in a row, but knowing I get to go to Chicago for four days with my daughter and go see Ian perform with The Toasters.  Yesterday I had a waitressing dream and I haven't waitressed in 30 years.  I wake up early and tired flip open the computer to see it is going to rain all day today and tomorrow.  My back is killing me and every joint in my body hurts because of the rain.  The dog is whining to go out.  I put my feet on the ground and they are swollen and sore.  Oh my God, my head is light.  I rush to get out the door, not bringing my lunch for the first time in five days, but knowing I need to leave early because the commute is always worse in the rain.  I get to the parkway and well......they don't call it the "Garden State Parking Lot" for nothing.  I pay the first toll and I know it is going to be a good day.  A bad day is when I realize I just paid $1.50 for a 50 cent toll.
I start thinking about how relaxed Glen looked after spending a few day in Florida to see my son.  I think it is ok.....I will be in Chicago in a few days and that should be fun.  I think about all the great vibes we have with our business Greetings from Geralyn.  I think about what a busy and crazy day it was the day before and it would be just a day to get our departments back in shape. And then, it happens  music karma!!!!  One song after another telling me everything is going to get better.  I actually am sitting in traffic in the driving rain and decide to take a little video so I am sure to remember this.  I feel music can get me out of any funk I am in.  I mean really listen to the words to this song!!!!  Steve Van Zandt is one of the best songwriters!!!!!!   Remember it is pouring rain as I am listening to this:

I had the craziest dream last night
There was thunder and lightning everywhere
Hell hounds reached up and ripped a hole in the sky
Pissed in the water and spit black smoke up in the air
Demons were chasin' me all tattooed
In dollar signs, suits and ties
They wanted me to party
I woke up just in time, I heard somebody say
Better days are comin'
We're gonna wake up and break this curse
Better days are on the way 'cause you know and I know
It can't get no worse
Sometimes the dream seems so real
Comes to me over and over again
Last night I swear I saw America sleepin' in the streets
When does this nightmare end?
I got to find my baby
Maybe I'll find salvation in her kiss
Tell me I'm dreamin', it's got to get better than this
I want somebody to say
Better days are comin'
We're gonna wake up and break this curse
Better days are on the way 'cause you know and I know
It can't get no worse, no
I believe I see a train comin' baby
I know it's time to take a ride
Shattered dreams and broken promises
We gotta leave 'em all behind
'Cause you know
We're gonna catch that train, baby
We're gonna catch that train, baby
We're gonna catch that train
I know we're gonna catch that train
I know we're gonna catch that train
Whoa yeah
Better days are comin'
We're gonna wake up and break this curse
Better days are on the way 'cause you know and I know
It can't get no worse
It can't get no worse
Better days are comin'

Read more: Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes - Better Days Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

I heard this and then "I am a Patriot" and then "Mr Grey".  I had never heard the song "Mr Grey before and found that song really amusing....quite the little story with a horrible ending but, very entertaining.  
Well, I got through this very tough week with a little help from my friends(MY MUSIC).  Getting on board that train to do it all again in the Land of Hope and Dreams..........this train, baby!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Turning 55 Reflections

My gift was tickets to see Fleetwood Mac at Madison Square Garden with my husband, daughter and son.
So, listening to music from when you turned 18, sharing the moment with your family could be one of the best feelings ever.  Do you ever think of when you were young and wondered what you would be like when you are old?  I would wonder if I would be like my mother.  I wondered if I would be in pain.  I wondered if I would be restless or settled.  I wondered where I would be living.  Well, most of all I wondered if there really were happily ever afters to the fairy tales.  I wondered if I would have a family.  Would I be fat or skinny, wrinkled and gray?
When I turned 18 I was also old enough to drink.  This brought a certain amount of freedom.  I didn't take the college path right after high school.  I worked in a restaurant and was able to buy my own car.  My girlfriends and I would love to go to the local bars and listen to the local bands.  We knew we were listening to talented musicians and we danced almost every night of the week to a different band.  Bands like Courteous Drivers, Bystander, Fresh, Holme and Cats on a Smooth Surface.  Most of these bands ended the night with the Lynyrd Sknyrd song "Freebird".  When I met Glen we continued on dancing and ending almost every night dancing to "Freebird".   Four years later we were engaged.  I remember the first time we danced to "Freebird" as an engaged couple.  My thoughts were not the mind was racing with  thoughts  of marriage and would I still really be free or "tied down" or trapped.  I was young but, I was giving it a lot of thought.  So, onward we sailed and I have to say after 32 years of marriage I feel better then I ever imagined.  I even look at pictures from ten years ago and feel I look and feel  better then ten years ago .  WOW!  What a great feeling.  So, this birthday most of all  I want to  thank my husband for still making me feel like a "freebird".......the best feeling in the world!