Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gifts from the City by the Sea

     I love to write after a walk on the beach and share my thoughts and findings and lessons I learn from each and every one of these walks.  I also love the musical serendipity of the city of Asbury Park and what some experiences have taught me.  I try to take pictures or videos so I can share what I have learned.  Did you ever read the book Gift from the Sea from Anne Morrow Lindbergh?  It is one of my favorites.  There is an exhibit of hers along with her husband, the famous Charles Lindbergh in Philadelphia, I am yearning to see.
     The lesson I learned on my walk on Friday is from this picture.  First, the badge is from Bay Head and they were giving them away for free.  Last year I made some mixed media works with beach badges, shells, driftwood and sea glass.  I wanted to get some more and was happy to get five of these free.  Especially, because you only get a paper tag or wristband now for a daily.  I rarely get to the beach so I buy as I go now.
     Pictured on the bottom on a black rock are some kind of fish teeth.  I think they are Shark's teeth. They are not too old, because fossilized teeth would be black.  But, they have been tumbling around the ocean for a while because they are both very smooth.  I have NEVER found a tooth like this before.  So, when I picked it up I was pretty excited.  My first thought was that it is never too late for a first for anything.  When, I picked up the second one, I was amazed.  How can you find something you have never found before?  And, just like that find another?
      The lesson I learned here was to never assume anything as you age.  Never think never.  Always have the faith and hope to know just because something has not happened yet, it never will.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bucket List

 Today I decided to enjoy nature's glitter. It is on my bucket list to enjoy as many walks on the beach as possible.   I have to work tonight, so usually I relax at home and I tend to not want to be tired at work.  But, sometimes a walk on a beach in the morning is the perfect way to start my day.
 I saved this bucket from Trader Joe's last year.  A perfect way to collect today's treasures.  I actually found the white tile.  I can't wait to use a blue sharpee and draw on it.  I found my first piece of pottery.  The green stripe is shiney.  I hope to find a blue and white china shard "someday".  I found the teeniest perfect shell too.  I love a walk on the beach.  It always amazes me what I can find in only a short walk.
I keep this bowl by the door to collect what I have found.  I started collecting oyster shells, too.  I found only one piece of sea glass.  I love the lessons it teaches me about not always finding what I want, but appreciating what I do find.  They are true gifts from the sea.

I Believe in the Promised Land

Well, SUCCESS!!!!  Sometimes what you dream and think about  comes to you in a moment.  And then you want to capture that moment in your hand.  Then it takes a few days to sink in.  Yes, this really happened.  And then, you want to share it with everyone.  It is a digital postcard from Bruce Springsteen singing the Promised Land at the Wonder  Bar!  I have 46 seconds capturing a feeling of life fulfilled.  The song Promised Land means so much to me and to hear it in the sea air of Asbury Park is magical.  Enjoy and sing along......shalallalalalllahhhh!   Greetings from Asbury Park!  Wish you were here!

Monday, July 13, 2015

In My Room

 To go thru life with child like dreams and airy hopes is such a gift.   This was probably the first wall hanging to put in a spot I was going to use to store my art supplies.
 When I first made this space I had my store in Asbury Park, so I was quick to add a lot of Asbury Park to the room.
I may be done with my collection of pennants, but I really do love the good feeling they give me.  I can't take a picture of the whole room because it is quite a mess.  I am working full time, plus trying to spend my days off at the store.  Today I am not going to the store but, trying to jam as much in as possible.  I have been included in Karen Valentine's "My Desert Cottage" Where Women Create's blog hop a couple of times.  My blog Greetings from Geralyn is now a business site.  I have been writing on this blog as much as possible.  It is about my childhood, and the romance of the Jersey Shore and it's rich history, especially it's music and it's influence on me and what I create.  I am so lucky to have a place for everything that inspires me.  To take a look at our store and what my husband and I create, please visit