Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Do What You Love.......Love What You Do

this is my place......this is where I can speak my mind.  I have been back to work for the last six months and it is here I will declare I am so proud of myself.  In October of 2008 the store I worked at full time closed.  With twins graduating High School with plans of entering college, a dream home built by my husband with a huge backyard and pool along with the mortgage and property taxes to go along with it.  With obligations for race horses my husband decided to invest in.  Towards the end of that job my vacations were used going on scrapbooking retreats with friends, so my husband could take care of obligations at home and I could create and start to make books with the pictures of our family.  A lot started to change during this time.  The whole country went through an economic downturn and a lot of people were turning to the digital world.  I had some goals towards the end of my career with the department store I worked at.  Every year I would save money to use to buy a Mac laptop.  I would use the money on a vacation instead.  Not a bad decision.  But, when the store closed the liquidator said if I met certain goals I would get a bonus.  I also would be able to collect unemployment which actually meant no vacation could be taken.  My mom had other plans for me and gave my daughter and I a trip to Paris between Christmas and New Years knowing no one would schedule an interview during that time.  That trip really helped me focus of what I needed to do get a job.  I did exactly as I said I would.  I bought a Mac computer, taught myself how to use it.  Within two months I was writing a blog and opened an Etsy shop.  Glen and I went to Omaha Nebraska for Silver Bella and again I had fuel for the fire in me to get started living out the dream I had for myself.  And that was to find income in doing what I was passionate about.  I just didn't know what it was.  I had a love for Victorian die cuts, paper, trading cards, postcards and valentines.  I started making some things and putting them on Etsy.  Some loyal readers of my blog were my best customers and I was off and running.  I have to say having people in your corner cheering you on is my fuel.  Also, the support of my family and watching my children dive head first to any opportunity that came their way is what gave me a lot of drive!  So, why the picture?  Another life changer for me was going back to college in my late twenties before my children were born.  I majored in something I love Art.  Never knew how I could make an income doing this, but I knew I loved it and became aware of what a visual person I am.  I also included this because of the Pieta  being made out of wood and surviving all of this time.  And, I was in the Princeton Museum which is completely free.  How, do  you stay motivated in staying focused in doing what you love.....most things come with a price.  But, the most important lesson I have learned in those years is the choices you make in your day to day life is what makes all the difference in the life you lead and the legacy you leave behind.  What is it that you want to be known for?  There is a fear here also, will I look like an idiot, will I be broke, will I be homeless, am I crazy, am I good enough?????  See, how easy those questions come.  Because, those fears have been there for years.  What makes you finally decide enough!!!!!  What makes you take that leap of faith?  I am going to try and share my lessons learned so you too will feel ready to take your leap of faith!  So you too can learn how to Do What You Love and Love What You Do.  Even if you don't love it so much but, ultimately get you to where you meet your goals again financially.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Never chose my word for 2014.  Finally chose it.  It is KICK.  I am ready to kick this year's ass.  Yesterday I kicked the snow off my license plate and it felt good.  This year is not going to be easy.  I am in a slow gear, but to get this year going and make plans happen......I have to KICK it up a knotch.  I am ready!   London has been calling and I am ready to make it happen!