Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Making the most of moments to make good memories!

 Have you ever had a moment?  You know, a moment in time when you feel perfect.  You feel like the planets have a aligned and you just feel like every thing is right in the world.  My latest moment like this was when my husband and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas.  We went on Carnival and there was a lot of bad news with 3 different Carnival cruise ships before we left on this cruise .  This also happened before I got a terrible sunburn and every meal we sat down to I would end up running back to the cabin so I could get under the covers because of the chills I had, which led to a bad cold.  Anyway, Glen decided we should have a nice lunch instead of the buffet.  The waiter took our order and then laid this origami shirt by my plate.  I looked up and thought and said out loud.  "You have no idea what this means to me"!!!!  Then Glen chimed in and said "Really, you have no
idea.....that is really great what you made".  I mean really, he folded the paper
into a hawaiin shirt that reminded me of one Ian had wore on cruises we had taken many years before.  He drew a little picture of the sea, again it was perfect with sea gulls.  I love blue and white.  He wrote my name making it completely personal.  He wrote the name of the ship and the date.  It could have been jewelry worth millions of dollars, but it was a simple folded paper with a pen drawing and it meant everything to me.  But, at the moment I was sitting across from my husband.  My husband of thirty years.  A man that realized how much that meant to me.  I am blessed.  I am blessed beyond my own comprehension.  I am so grateful for all that life has offered me so far.  I have had my challenges, but along with them I have had my moments.  Good or bad moments and slivers of life I will be forever grateful.  So, cheers
to this life of ours and hope you have moments of your own to soak in an celebrate!  Life is too short!  Enjoy the moments and remember everything that went into making those moments happen!