Thursday, December 3, 2015

River Deep Mountain High

 This picture brings a range of emotions.  It was fun to see Darlene Love shoot the video of "Forbidden Nights".  And, who doesn't want a picture being photo bombed by Paul Schaefer of David Letterman fame?   But, I am with Carla Gizzi and Kay Harris who also have shops in Convention Hall.  In a month our store will be closing there and it is a bittersweet feeling to say the least.
This is Darlene Love performing River Deep Mountain High at her CD release concert at the Paramount.  In the last three years I have seen her three times performing this song and it is one of best performances of live music I have ever seen.   This year it will bring a whole new meaning into my life.  Since, I have had my children I am surprised at the range of my emotions I feel.  One, thing I have noticed is I do not cry as easily.  But, lately my eyes well with just the mere thoughts of things.  The most embarrassing lately is at work they play the song "No One Wants to be Alone at Christmas".  For me it conjures up the movie "Home Alone" and the fact it is local talent involved.  E Street band members play on the song and Steve Van Zandt wrote the masterpiece.  Then there were the numerous times it was sung on the David Letterman show.  Well, the David Letterman show as we know it ended this year.  But, Darlene is taking her show on the road.  Anyway.........when our family got together for Glen's birthday Ian did most of the talking in the car.  By that time he had two practice sessions with Steve Van Zandt and one with Darlene Love.  Yes, Ian is going to play the trombone and be part of the five piece  horn section for Darlene Love's Souled Out Christmas Show.  As Ian is talking and playing the music for the show I put my head back and soaked it all in.  I will never forget the first Christmas show I went to when they were singing carols in pre-school.  I felt every emotion run through my body, especially the chills it was giving me.  And, that feeling is the BEST feeling in the world.  It is a mixture of feeling joy and pride, but at the same time.....I hope they don't screw up!!!!!  Well, anyway I hope this explains a little bit of what I am feeling.  A full range of feelings that run....mountain high and river deep.