Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I want to fly like an eagle.....

Steve Miller's popular song during the late seventies.  The time in my life I was ready to soar into the future.  The time I was making decisions of what I wanted to do in my life.  Yes, I wanted to fly and not in the sense of getting high.  I always wanted to succeed on my the bird who takes flight from the nest.  I have been inspired by so many.  I want to spend January blogging and sharing the many inspirational Artists, friends, songwriters, musicians, writers who have inspired me on my journey.  February I want to actually carry out my dream of being Esther Howland.  I, like a bird, have already began my journey.  I started gathering all the supplies I am ready to make as many greeting cards in the month of February and have enough to share with others who would like to take some time to make some cards, also.
In the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush of working in a department store, I passed by these boxes.  I saw they what they were up close and the price was right.  What will I fill them with?  Well, all the supplies I need for cardmaking are filling up these boxes rather quickly. a bird building a nest.
 The artist who made this box is Kelly Rae Roberts.  I am very familiar with her and her book called "Taking Flight"  I have read and lent out her book.  When I read the box, the words could not be more fitting for me.  By sharing this I hope these words speak volumes to you also as we approach the new year!!!  To learn more about her and her Art press here
 The box reads:   Dream
My wish for you is that you feel the full breath of possibility.  That you feel your fears and act anyway. That you listen to what's calling you.  That you find the sacred in the ordinary.  And that love and kindness embrace your heart always.

Happy New Year!  Bring on 2015!  My word for 2015 is FLY!  My word for 2014 was kick....and I am ready to kick it goodbye!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It all started with a greeting card......

Thirty-seven years ago I met Glen Gray.  I was eighteen.  We met....he liked me....I liked him.  He called me and asked me to go out with him and a group of friends for New Year's Eve to celebrate the year 1978.  He left for Florida to spend Christmas with his sister and brother with his father.  He had lost his mom in 1976.  I received a Greeting Card with a handwritten letter.  I knew I had met someone very special.
So much has happened and changed in thirty-seven years as far as communicating and how we meet people.  If I was my children's age would this have happened or would we have been texting back and forth.  Would I have that to share now so many years later? I made a copy of this letter and gave it to my nephew this year because a lot of it was about him and his birth.
Today I sit writing this instead of addressing Christmas cards to my family and  friends.  Why?  I think it is because of facebook.  I can share sentiments, feelings, thoughts, pictures all with a press of button and not just reach one person, but 500 people at the same time and see a reaction instantly.  It is amazing.  I usually send photo cards and several times looked through our pictures to pick one and I have shared them on facebook already, so why should I send them?  I love to get photo cards and the go on my fridge and stay there for the rest of the year.  The last few years my days are so full I save all my cards to open on Christmas day.  This just so different.  Hopefully on Monday on my day off I will take some time and fill out some cards to send.....but, if I don''s ok.  Or is it?
I own a greeting card store after all.  But, this year has been different.  I didn't buy any cards for the store this year. I had the intention to, but we really didn't make that much money as we hoped this summer to put in any orders.  My inventory was all ruined last year after a water main break from a frozen pipe last January.
So looking to the year 2015 I am looking to the future and wondering what to do to infuse some new life into my heart and my business.  So, instead of taking my vacations to rest and get inspired.  I am taking my time off from work to put my heart and soul back into my business.  I have had several goals since starting my business and it has been one step up and two steps back for the last five years of being in business.  I still need to keep my job, but in order for my business to grow it needs my attention.  So, I am starting to set realistic goals and I may need some help.  I want to start a campaign of the IMPORTANCE of greeting cards.  I truly feel they are the best form of expression and art that every person can use to share their feelings.  I remember when I went to college I didn't have two pennies to rub together.  I spent a lot of time finding cards to send Glen, friends and family.  As I got more into college my funds ran dryer and dryer, but that didn't stop me.  I would make my own cards and send them to Glen.
So, I still am making my own cards, but this year I am looking forward to figuring out a way to order greeting cards from different companies again and infuse some life into the greeting card part of our business.  I am going to start by taking the week off before Valentine's day and actually fulfill a dream and be the Esther Howland I want to be.  I am looking forward to 2015 and  I am ready to do the cha-cha of life!