Monday, September 21, 2015

Paris Rome Coney Island

When I first opened the shop in Asbury Park, around six years ago, I would get a lot of questions from tourists from all over the world.  Some questions were......Where are all the amusement rides?  Who is that creepy guy on the building with the big teeth and a mustache for hair.  Did Bruce Springsteen really live here?  Where is a good place to eat?  Is there any good music this weekend?  Where can we get a room, because we want to spend another day.  And, the surprising thing was how many international tourists who come on the last day of their trip to the states and have stayed in New York City and are so disappointed they didn't spend more time in Asbury Park.  But, the nice thing is they come back, we become friends on facebook.  And, we get to spend more time and they love to tell us how much they love Asbury Park.
Since, we live locally we know the history of the town very well.  But, most of the time as we got older we really couldn't understand it.  But, watching the news and seeing a place like Coney Island experiencing some of the same deterioration.  I think the biggest bad influence on those towns were fear.  I think after 9/11 I, myself, have been conscience of what I have been fearful of.  And, if that fear is stopping me from something I love,  I really make an effort to face that fear and get over it.  I do have  a fear of bridges in the last couple of decades.  It really has shocked me, and really hard to fight a feeling I can not control.  But, I will NOT let it stop me   There actually was a billboard as I drove  on to the Verrazano Bridge that read:  It's just a bridge.....Get over it!  Then on my way home to ease my tenseness and apprehension there was the music.  Of course, I was listening to E Street Radio and a Bruce Springsteen concert was on.  The song "Into the Fire" came on with all of it's words of encouragement, I can't say it was a breeze, but it did help.  Then as I rode into Asbury Park, the song "My City of Ruins" came on.  I can't help but, think I am in the right place at the right time.
I was so excited when I saw the Art Walls.....I had no idea about them so I started taking pictures and the link to learn more is here:

 This was my favorite picture capturing a lot of iconic Coney Island in one shot.
 Kaylyn, my daughter brought the vendor's work from the Market at Fifth and had a booth at Pheonicia Flea.
 Ever since we had our shop at Convention Hall I wanted to see what the shops and Tilly looked like in Coney Island.
 I wanted to take a picture of the Wonder Wheel
 And listening to the words of Bruce Springsteen's  Sandy 4th of July,Asbury Park I wanted a picture of a Tilt a Whirl.
 I love blue and white dishes, so this ride was my cup of tea!
 All the rides for Luna Park were imported from Italy......
 They all have a modern spin to them and I wondered how long ago this all happened a wallah a sign....
 It was about the same time we opened shop.....
 After taking my walk on the boardwalk, I wanted to take another picture of my daughter's booth.  So, proud of her!  I love the way she picked the merchandise to sell and how she displayed it!
 On my walk back to my car I couldn't stop taking pictures.
 I was totally inspired and love every second I spent there......
 And, of course couldn't leave without a corn dog and orangeade from Nathan's.