Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Counting on a miracle - Bruce Springsteen [DVD Live in Barcelona 2002] (...

 Found my song.....too!!!!  Just beneath our fear is the hope, faith and love we need to make miracles happen and I am counting on it!!!

This Little Light Of Mine (Live In Dublin)

Well, I have been working more then 30 hours a week and some days at Convention Hall.  While last night I would think I was completely and totally drained, today I am mustering up some energy to make some miracles happen.  One....I got an idea for a card so I am going to go downstairs to start on that.  Second, I am going to go to Barnes and Noble later to buy a book.  It just so happens that Marianne Williamson wrote  a book about making miracles happen.  At this point a month has gone by and I haven't been writing much, but I think this might help.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Around the Corner is The Light of Day

Well it is hard to look forward to something that you are not too sure how it will turn out.....no guarantees....you know..... BUT with all the tools of hope and faith  it should be a night to remember.  I really enjoy Darlene Love and that will be worth the ticket.  I am talking about the Light of Day concert for Parkinson's disease.  As you can see from the video it is a night to remember for sure.  Last year I didn't know I was going until I got my hands on a ticket that day.  This year I was able to get two tickets and we are really looking forward to it, but we have no idea what to expect.  The same goes for the store this year. We will be open for special events, but it is looking more like the boardwalk in front of Convention Hall will NOT be complete until HOPEFULLY Memorial Day making my "just around the corner" philosophy harder to keep a handle on.  I went back to work at Boscov's at Monmouth Mall in the meantime.  Now, I am getting tired and drained, but it is still good to get out with people.  What I really love about Light of Day is January is usually a time for me to hibernate and renew, but Light of Day is something to look forward to and SAVOR and to be thankful for.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Greetings from Asbury Park

Starting to skip writing already......uhoh.  Busy, starting work at Boscov's on Monday.  Christmas decorations came down early.  Making Springsteen merchandise for the store.  Making some favors for Light of Day to giveaway with a purchase.  Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Album Greetings from Asbury Park.  So, much has changed since then. Yet, so much seems the same.  The Album includes the song Growin' Up.  One of those songs that has different meanings to me now.  First, thought of it as I was growing up.  Now, new meaning with my kids growing up.  Happy to have them both home today.  We watched season three of Parenthood and had a yummy Ham dinner.  Would be a wish to have more days like this together but, I will just have to savor this one for awhile.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Counting on a miracle - Bruce Springsteen [DVD Live in Barcelona 2002] (...

I started this new blog to actually write every day and hopefully by the end have a book.  I think lately that would be a miracle if that would happen.  I am going to give it a shot.  I don't expect a miracle.  Yesterday, I went back to the store to  where  I worked at that closed four years ago.  Because............I have no income with the store closed.  But, it doesn't mean I don't want the store to do the best it has ever done.  Or it doesn't mean that I am going to be totally spent to enjoy my children's graduation.  Or it doesn't mean I  am not going to have enough time to write this book with it's fairy tale ending.  I am counting on a miracle.......not expecting one.  The big difference is working.  I don't just work for the money....I do it for my sanity.  My inner voice is not to kind to myself if I have all the time in the world.  I put things off and don't spend any money for fear I won't have any money.  I start work next Monday and already I feel a weight off my shoulders.  I was starting to feel very anxious, nervous and sad.  I really need to be around people, too.  So, I will be back with my co-workers that I have spent a lot of time with in the past.  This is a good and comfortable feeling.  I had something to write into the calender and it feels right.  When the store closed I had my goals set out for me.....start a blog and open an Etsy shop.  The fact that I actually opened a brick and mortar shop still amazes me and is somewhat of a miracle.  I am hoping it all works out and I am thankful they were so gracious to rehire me.  Let's see what happens!


I am looking forward to today.  So far, I want to make product for the store.  Take down my Christmas decorations.  Clean some windows.....to let the sunshine in!  And reorganize my studio.  At the end of the day..I would like to take some pictures and see how I did.  Some visual motivation!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fleetwood Mac - You make loving fun 1977 LIVE Full version 2013 Miracle

Each year I choose a word and a song to go along with it.  This year my word is miracle.  I chose Fleetwood Mac because of the importance of the Rumours album in 1977 and the miracle of them being reunited in 2013.  The true spirit of creating something great.......having it not work out and then coming back and reuniting.  They have a new audience and devoted fans who will be made happy this year.  2012 Fleetwood Mac suffered the loss of one it's founding members Bob Welch.  So, my big picture analogy is we as people have suffered heartbreak and losses in 2012 and it is not necessarily going to take a miracle to get back into shape.....probably just a lot of hard work.  But, I think miracles are going to appear to make all of the hard work seem worth it!
My little miracle so far.....the last day of 2012 I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring.  I looked....I looked.....I sat down....felt emotional and thought there is no way it will be found.  I lost it in Convention Hall and never felt a snag or anything to make me think where I could have lost it.  I took a chance to tell the workers at the Hall what happened.  They started looking for it right away.  Bob, said don't worry I will find it.  I felt pretty hopeless of it being found.  I went home and a couple of hours later the phone rang.  Bob found the diamond.........what a miracle!!!  I worked on making him a thank you note and forgot it New Year's Day.  Darn.....I wanted to do something nice....took the time and I forgot it.  New Year's Day is the Sons of Ireland polar bear plunge.  They do fundraising for local charities.  They have a 50/50 and about one thousand dollars was the prize.  Guess who won the 50/50????  Bob!!!  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

So, bittersweet today......three bands in the Grand Arcade.  The sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge today.....so many happy faces.  We won't be back in our stores until the nineteenth.  Pretty sad.  But, anyway each year I pick a word to represent the year.  I have chosen shine and sun in the past.  This year I chose the word miracle.  Before Christmas I lost the diamond in my ring.  I never thought it would be found.  Then Carla (pictured above) called me and said Bob had found it.  When I told Bob I had lost it, he did say not to worry that he would find it.  I really thought it was a miracle.  So, this year I want the unimaginable to happen.  I don't want to expect ANYTHING.  So, today guess who won the 50/50 for around  one thousand dollars..........Bob!!!!  I believe in Miracles!!!!