Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dream Baby, Dream..

Well, I wasn't going to share this yet.  But, all the signs and affirmations are here.  I was afraid to.  What was the fear about....someone stealing my idea.....yeah, maybe.  Someone judging me and not agreeing with me.  Well, this is my story.  I am ready to tell it.  It is MY life......MY is MY story and if I can do that thoughtfully without hurting anyone......that is my plan.  I really need to write as much as I can from MY heart.  This is about the little light inside of you that you are born with.  When I went to Catholic school they told us we (everyone of us had it in us).  I was told this when I was so young the visual picture was a box and everytime you sinned the box would get a black spot and the idea was to go through life with your box as clean as possible.  This box was your soul.  I have been living for 50 years now and thankfully I don't take things so literal anymore.  But, I have a soul and each day I try to forget my sins and go on.  I try to find the inner light and keep it shining.  Not, that is easy to do all the time.  When I find a video like the one above my soul is soothed and spoken to.  Visually I relate to the bench which line the boardwalks of Spring Lake, where I was born and raised.  Belmar, where I worked in a restaurant for nine years and learned the best work ethic anyone could ask for.  Manasquan, where I have spent all of my married years raising my twins until this year.  But, Manasquan also holds a bench dedicated to my father in law and one for Glen who were volunteer firemen for many years.  Glen is still a fireman in Manasquan and Ian is following in their footsteps.  I am writing my story which in the end is our story.  Welcome to my world.

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