Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Promised Land

So, my vacation I wanted to document a trip to the seven coastal lighthouses in New Jersey.  I am so proud to have finished the goal and document it through words and pictures.  What I wish I could bottle up and share is the serendipity of moments of the trip.  I was able to do this on facebook, but as I would write on the blog some time would go by and the excitement would have fizzled.  But, lately the song I have heard on the radio, (especially on my vacation) would coincide with everything I was seeing.  It was crazy!!!!  I really loved it.  It was as if I had this secret companion.  This support system that seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear at the exact time I was seeing something.....what an amazing.....amazing feeling.  And one that I was feeling all by myself.  Sometimes I feel the need of having company to enjoy life.  But, I am really terrible when I feel the NEED to have a companion all of the time.  It is relaxing for me to just be myself and just soak all the moments in and breath out with no conversation.  This post is celebrating that.
  The last leg of my journey included the Twin Lighthouses in Atlantic Highlands and the Lighthouse in Sandy Hook.  I became totally distracted by Fort Hancock.  It is so haunting to me.  Of course, there would be some attachment to Bruce Springsteen as he just filmed his newest video there called:  Hunter of Invisible Games.  As I watched the video I knew I had seen the backround before.  But, as I am driving by I am listening to a concert.  He starts talking about Asbury Park.....I didn't write it down.....damn.  But, hopefully I will figure it out....it was a July 27th concert I think the 2003 one and it is a nice shout out to Asbury Park and how the Art World is helping with the rising and for the concert goers to support the city....he dedicates this song as I am riding by the empty officers houses...I decide to video tape it, so I hope by this time you can really feel how truly amazing this journey was, full of serendipity.  I feel such an attachment with the Jersey Shore and want only the best for it.  I have a hard time with the politics of what is happening, but have only high hopes that everyone involved with the future of coastline is that it will all be for the good.  And, that means for all to enjoy and a true reflection of what our country is all about.  I want people (tourists) to come back and enjoy all that New Jersey offers including Atlantic City.  I want us to rise up and move forward, not backwards.  Let's think of what is going to waste and what is being enjoyed.

 This is a Sunday afternoon.....beautiful day.
 Ironic........the twin lighthouses were the end of my journey.  Just like my life.......my children who are twins are the enrichment in my life.
And, so worth when you would actually make the venture up the stairs.  The views and vista was well worth making your legs a little sore and wobbly.  So, a lot of little life lessons learned here at my Jersey
Ger's Lighthouse tour of the shore.  Most of all, the promise you make to yourself is the most important promise to fulfill.  Then if you are in a position to  promise  others, be prepared to  never promise anything you can not fulfill........the feeling is never worth it.  I will pray for all the caretakers, members of the government, landowners and anyone else who make promises.......  be the best for our Jersey Shore and keep your promises.

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