Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pleasant Valley Sunday

So, with the vacations over for the summer, I am trying to make the most of every single day off I have.  I think of all the things I want to do, and see if I can accomplish it.  I was reading about the Lavender Farm about twenty minutes from my home and realized I could fit that in with a trip to the food store.  

 Avie was very helpful telling me the  about the English and French lavender and how to take care of them once I took them home.  I plan on planting them close to the entry of our home.
Since, the idea of moving was planted back in my head about ten years ago, I stopped buying a lot of things.  It has always helped my mood and was pretty hard for me to do.  So, really back when Boscov's closed in 2008 and we knew eventually we were putting the house on the market, I started selling my things and downsizing.  Now, that I am back to work full time I like to indulge in buying something here and there.  I bought the beautiful Laura Ashley quilt a few weeks ago, and took a picture with some of the lavender I bought.  I bought a lavender spray for the store, too.  It really was a treat, and my favorite part was the scent of the air as the  wind blew.  Lavender always reminded me of my grandmother.  It also reminded me of when I worked at Crabtree & Evelyn or  the soap store as my kids referred to it.  Nancy, the owner, had huge jars of lavender and when residents moved back into their summer homes they would fill up bags to help with the musty smell of being closed all winter.  I am thrilled there is a Lavender farm in New Jersey and that Carole King's song Pleasant Valley Sunday was written for the Monkee's in New Jersey.  So much to be proud of without looking very hard.

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