Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wish for What You Want

So, my wish is to keep making product for the store with only materials I have around the house.  Sometimes it gets a little boring and I need some kind of motivation.  Getting out and looking in gift stores really helps me focus and visualize what I could make.
 Above  are the boxes I made yesterday.  We have a ton of cigar boxes we use to make boxes from record covers and sleeves.  I was inspired to make what I call Dream Keepers.  A box to hold lottery tickets, concert tickets, words to songs, prayers, love letters etc.
 These are cards and lined envelopes I made from record sleeves.  I love these!  I can't wait to make more.
The little box I bought and it was my inspiration for my boxes.   Also, this is a picture of  what I would put in my dream keeper.  It would be about time I put the bamboozle bracelet somewhere other then my  night stand.  The gold circle on the leather strap is an actual brass ring from the carousel in Asbury Park.  It was gold leafed and put on a leather cord to be worn as a necklace.  It was made from a very good friend and I wear it a lot.  Especially times when I just feel I need some reassurance and hopefulness.  She is not online and we used to spend a lot of time in the Grand Arcade.  I really miss her and our chats.  Especially our chats about Convention Hall and it's future.  I think I will e-mail her this post, so she knows how much I miss her.  Alright, I am inspired to make some more products for the store.  Today I will be making postcards!

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