Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kingdom of Days

 I sat on this beach before going into the Lighthouse.  I found a parking space very near by.  Sat down and read a few chapters of the book I am reading.  It was glorious.  When I walked back to the car the sand glimmered...... almost seeming like diamond dust.  This was by the inlet in North Wildwood.  I knew it would not show in a picture, but it was quite spectacular as if you were walking on glitter and the sand was very fine and felt good on the feet.
 The gardens smelled of roses and salt air....... a perfect mixture.
 I was tempted to go back and spend the rest of the afternoon here, but I was exhausted and ready to get back home as the sun was going down.

 This is at the sunset grille......and apparently The Beatles help get this group thru the day!  The person on the grill was singing along quite enthusiastically as he made my sunset burger.  This will be shared with another post and below is what I sat next to with a big giant view of the sea from an old picnic table.  One of my favorite spots was at Sunset Beach filled with memories of a visit there with my dad when I was very young,  a visit about 15 years ago with Glen and friends and this visit was the first time during the summer.  I loved it there.  The sand is more like gravel, but it is fun to hear all the children sifting through in hopes of finding a Cape May diamond.

After looking at the pictures I feel I should ask the reader if they know where each of the these lighthouses are located.  Because, sometimes the idea of the Jersey Shore outweighs the reality.  The first one is very victorian and has the most beautiful gardens leading out to a beautiful view of the sea lined with a seawall and old benches to rest and enjoy the sights and sounds.  This first lighthouse surprisingly is the lighthouse located in North Wildwood.  The second one is the Light house in Cape May.  I had climbed it before and was not compelled to climb it this time.  My legs were pretty sore from the climb and dancing the day before.  The sounds of all the birds were memorable.
     The choices I made for this vacation so far have been exactly what I wanted.  I got out of the house and was totally able to relax.  I ate anything I  wanted and got in some excercise that was fun and not (working out) which by the way includes the word work in it.  I am inspired to make some new product for the store.  I may pull some weeds today, to enjoy my entry into the house more each day.  I am going to clean and organize my house annnnnnnnd cook dinner WITH a smile on my face.  This  day is the half way point of my kingdom of days vacation.

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