Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Believe in Mermaids

 Barnegat lighthouse just wasn't calling my name yesterday.  I took beautiful pictures and enjoyed the cool breeze of the inlet.  But, I had passed by some stores on the way that called my name more then the 217 steps did.  My legs stopped aching but, I wasn't ready to make them feel like that again.
 My story of making this Mermaid is a long one, and I think I should write about it while it is fresh in my memory but, so much happened yesterday.  I think I will wait until I pick up the finished mermaid in a couple of weeks.
I can't wait to get back there.  The stores and the experience were as magical as mermaids.
 The stores were an open door to inspiration.
 I walked out of the one above sort of in a fuzzy zone and thought I really need to get to the beach.  The store How To Live was at the top of the list and a few miles back on the southside of the island in Beach Haven.  I was debating what to do as I walked to my car.  I looked across the street and there it was their second location.  I bought some cards I will share in another post.  I headed for my car for my beach chair and walked to Surf City's beach.
 The night before I did some reading about the type of shells you can find on the island.  I saw a shell I had been picking up lately and never knew the name of it and it said they are known as mermaid toe nails.  When I went to put my toes in the water I picked up quite a few of these shells.
 When I sat back down......I couldn't help but, put the shells on my toes for a picture.
 This is from a sign at Anchor's Bend which is located across from the store.  I went in to see if they could put the news on from Channel 12 and this is what was on.  We were interviewed and landed on the website and the news!  WOW!!!!!!   What a day!!!!!
Here's a link to the video and thank you to New 12 team for giving us key chains and T- shirts bearing the name News 12 on the Road which are perfect!!!!!  Thank you also for showing so much product.  We couldn't ask for a better exposure to all of the creations Glen has been so busy making all summer!  

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