Monday, March 17, 2014

and she was an American girl.......

My eyes look funky in this picture because I have red eyes and put blue bic pen dots to make it better......hmm still pretty creepy.  I was so hoping I could find these pictures while I was still blogging.  This is me.  I knew exactly who I was at the age of twelve.  I had watched some amazing things on TV by this time.  One of the most memorable was when the Panda bears arrived in Washington DC.  This picture was taken after I had seen them.  This is a picture with my two favoritesl  One is from my Aunt who was with me when we saw the bears and the other was hand sewn by my neighbor who was also my best friend.  I was so patriotic my room was red white and blue.  I also put my treasured Nixon Agnew pin on the handmade bear.  I am wearing a P.O.W. bracelet that I had bought.  I felt very strongly for how important these bracelets were.  It gave me the power to give HOPE  that these soldiers WOULD come home alive.  I again watched TV that day and watched the name of each soldier come off the plane to see if I could see if my soldier came home.  He did not so I continued to wear the bracelet until it broke in half and then I bought another.  It still rests at the bottom of my jewelry box.
So this was my room.  My grandmother made the curtains and bed spreads for my bunk beds.  Having a grandmother who sewed that for me meant a lot.  There is also a pillow on top with a flower that was sewn by my cousin on my dad's side.  You can see the Walt Disney World pennant that I had after our trip there.  My grandfather got the family tickets for three days there including a tour guide for the first day.  It was about a year after it was open.  We would go to Florida every other year to celebrate Christmas.  My grandfather drove which was a feat in itself.  He told us we were going to Kennedy center which was pretty exciting.  But, as we drove by Walt Disney World I started begging.  Oh, we are so close can't we just drive up to see the castle.  Everyone in the car thought that was the silliest thing they had ever heard.  Oh please I begged.  My grandfather gave in and as we got closer all you could see was the gate to pay for parking.  I was defeated and gave in.  But, he went right to the gate and now I am yelling no you don't have to get any closer I understand.  But, then he said he would pay for the parking so I could see the castle.  I was so excited......really?   You could not see the grandfather parked and yelled surprise....we are here for three days.  I couldn't believe it.  I was in heaven!  Some other signs of the times were those clacker things that I can't believe I survived.  Some post cards representing the pop art of the times.  My cherished Barbie and Dawn dolls and a snap shot of my brother's picture from High School.  A huge amount of things happened to our family after this.  I don't have any pictures after this time until about five years later.  It was the early seventies.  Nixon was impeached and as our government and economy swirled out of control so did my world and family life.

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