Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lorde - Royals (US Version)

How do write songs like this at a young age?  Get worldwide airplay and a couple of Grammies.  She is from New Zealand.  But, I am listening to her words and feeling inspired.  I am relating to what she writes thinking about how I felt as a teenager.  All those dreams of Disney Princesses, when I got married Lady Diana was married and I actually picked out a bouquet inspired by hers,  all the wants of a young girl.  But, Lorde is saying who needs it?  When I first was out of work I used Marie Antioinette as my muse.  Who would think over a century ago we would behead someone for overspending the tax payers money?  We are so passive and have an attitude of everything will be alright.  Eventually all of this economic mess will be worked out.  We definitely not to the beheading point.  But, do we realize there is a generation out there that is fueling a movement to not buy into what us baby boomers did.  Yeah, they are a force to reckon with.  But, I don't think anyone out there gets it yet?  Because, they are under the radar.  They don't spend can they?  They are paying off outrageous student loans.  They live in cities and don't drive cars or consume gasoline.  They make do with what they have.  They appreciate the past and are well educated.   In order to live in 2014 I know I had to change a lot of bad habits in order to survive my own body and mind.  I appreciate every moment happening around me.  My favorite this week was Bruce Springsteen singing this song in New Zealand.  After all he is the one that wanted to rich and a king.  There is an irony here.....because rock stars are now royalty.  His daughter is an equestrian competing internationally.  She is headed to the Olympics.  She was pictured with the other international equestrians and they were either daughters of politicians or royalty.   So, why all this conversation?  Because, I myself think it is wierd that I hear Springsteen is in New Zealand and I wonder if he will pay any attention to Lorde.  Well, he comes out and sings her song at a concert and I find it shocking.  I love how the crowd reacts to the words.  There is an understanding of Springsteen that is international and that makes me VERY happy.  Even if I am not the one making a king's ransom, but someone is by doing what they love.  That inspires me.  That makes me feel anyone or everyone should strive for that.

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