Monday, March 10, 2014

Score some Sound Business Advice

1.  Set Goals:  I just opened an Ebay shop.  My goal is to sell 10 items a week at $5 an item making my goal for the week $50.

2.  Make it fun!  Couldn't decide where to take pictures and decided to use this vintage skee ball game as my backdrop!

3.  Take Pictures of your item at all angles.  10 items each week is 50 pictures all taken at the same time.

4.  Make it a game.  I put the items by the 50 because I am hoping to get to that goal each week.  I have never listed on ebay before, so when I woke up this morning with my first bid.  I yelled (to myself of course)  Score.......loudly and long like at a soccer game!

5.  Set realistic goals so there are more Scores!  then disappointment

6.  Remember always to win it you have to be in it.  Keep to your goals and write them down, like I am here, so each week you will be accountable for the goals.

7.  Share your joy,  share your heartache.....people can relate and you never know who might read this and want to see what you are is so easy to share with the press of a button.

8.   Of course have a might have people on your team already who might share this information.

Go for the Gold!!!!!  WIN   WIN   WIN!!!!!

You can get to my ebay shop by pressing the picture of the skee ball game!

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