Sunday, March 17, 2013

One step UP and two steps back

Oh no...........I have been talking about religion and now politics.  Something never to talk about!  This picture was taken a year ago during the Film Festival.  The big party was held in Convention Hall.  So much has happened in a year.  Ed Asner, who is pictured, was hospitalized this week. The bar Aqua across the way did not renew or finish their 5 year lease.  When I first opened the store I knew it was a dream come true.  I shared how I felt about the building, before the threat of the building being closed happened.  I share my one step up....two steps back attitude about EVERYTHING.  I am always knocking on wood before I share anything good  happening in my life.  I love our country, but I have to say the government has killed any dream I have ever had.  I take a wait and see attitude.  It took me at least 30 years to open a business and now this.  I don't blame who I rent my space from like most people do.  No, we have had experience in owning rental property.  Ten years ago paying high taxes, carrying flood insurance, not getting tenants because of  laws being enforced for noise violations, not getting tenants because of debris  washed ashore, we had to sell that property.  Then, the house we lived in became to hard to pay for without our income property and taxes became too high and flood insurance was needed there, also.  Most was local government, some state and some federal.  Just enough to say, enough already!  Before, we had children we did do a cross country trip calling it the Check it Out America tour.  We picked out about three places we felt we could move to for a better life.  Camano Island by Seattle, Washington, Kansas City, and St. Augustine, Florida.  Camano Island we actually were so close to buying a house it was embarassing that we didn't sign the papers.  I couldn't, I was being treated at home for infertility and wanted to continue with the same doctor at home.  So, that September we came home.  We both started back to work and worked full time and very hard and were blessed with me being pregnant with twins by that December.  I am getting very side tracked here.  But, anyway the very things that we want, just don't come easy.  Then when we get them they become even harder to keep.  I am used to this by now.  I will have to adjust.  We will be some place on the boardwalk and hope for the best this summer.  I want the big picture.  I want to have my own business and be a part of something.  I am not going to lose hope or faith.  I can't wait to see what three years looks like on the Asbury Park boardwalk.........I am going to take those two steps back........just so I can be there for the one step UP!!!!!!!

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