Monday, March 4, 2013

Eric Church - Springsteen

I want to share my story, but I don't want to hurt anyone.  So, the best way I know how to put  this is:  my family, like our country, suffered a very disheartening time during the seventies.  My brother and sister became teenagers during this time.  And, with all that happened it took all of my parents attention and energy to help them survive that time.  All, I can say is I was the observer.  It changed my thinking and my dreams forever.  My mom said I was born stubborn and independent.  Anytime she said she would try to help me.....I would put my foot down and say I can do it!  I knew if I wanted anything in this life it was up to me.  Like I said earlier I wanted the storybook life, but I wasn't so sure during this time if anyone would want to share that dream with me.  I was very shy and quiet and it was a great defense of getting close enough to anyone to have to tell anyone what was going on in my household.  Once I turned sixteen I would say that all changed.  I think I had to grow up pretty quick.  As much as what all happened was very sad, it helped me want to be in control of myself and not get into any trouble.  I knew my parents had enough going on, they didn't need  anymore worries.  So, I started working after eighth grade as a counselor for children with learning disabilities.  This was a great summer job.  It got me out of the house and with other people and I met a few people I would see in High School.  I went to Manasquan High School which has seven sending out of about 360 students I was now attending school with about 30 people I knew.  I stayed  friends with my best friend who went to St. Rose and that was my social life for the first two years of High School.

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