Saturday, April 27, 2013

Life is like listening to your car radio........random!!!

Life is so full of uncertainties.  I find myself hopeful and doubtful all at the same time.  Realizing when we don't know what the future brings it is hard to focus and enjoy the moments.  Especially, when it comes to income.  When you start having more go out then coming in, it gets pretty scary.  The last few weeks I would get in my car to do errands and I would listen to the local radio station and listen to whatever random song came on.  A couple of times the songs made me happy.  One day every song that came on made me cry.  I was happy to be alone in the car and then proceeded to sob.   Knowing I would have to go to the bank with red puffy eyes....I didn't really care.  I would just blame the allergies.   I started thinking how when you listen to random is a lot like life.  You can't pick and choose what's going to play next.  But, wait you can.  Yes, you can change the channel.  
Glen and I drove to Philadelphia yesterday in the car that had Serious radio.  So, Glen had total control of what music we could listen to together and be happy.  We ended up on the 60's channel and we would sing along and it was an enjoyable ride.  We are celebrating the children graduating in a couple of weeks.  I don't think we live in the past, but I do think the music of the 60's was so optimistic and fun.  I even forgot about the term bubblegum music.  It gives me hope for the future that so many things in our life are out of our control, but living a life with music......well, it just soothes the soul!

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