Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

So, bittersweet today......three bands in the Grand Arcade.  The sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge today.....so many happy faces.  We won't be back in our stores until the nineteenth.  Pretty sad.  But, anyway each year I pick a word to represent the year.  I have chosen shine and sun in the past.  This year I chose the word miracle.  Before Christmas I lost the diamond in my ring.  I never thought it would be found.  Then Carla (pictured above) called me and said Bob had found it.  When I told Bob I had lost it, he did say not to worry that he would find it.  I really thought it was a miracle.  So, this year I want the unimaginable to happen.  I don't want to expect ANYTHING.  So, today guess who won the 50/50 for around  one thousand dollars..........Bob!!!!  I believe in Miracles!!!!

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