Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve 1977......I was thinking about what to wear on my first date with Glen Gray.  We had met a couple of weeks before and he ventured down to Florida to be with family.  He celebrated the birth of his nephew while down in Florida.  I was very nervous....I only turned eighteen a few months before.  He told me he had a lot of second thoughts because I was so young.  When we first met  I remember our conversation about both being born on the thirteenth.  We both felt our birthdates were lucky.  I also asked if it was too late for a  birthday kiss from him since his birthday was a month earlier.  He looked at me quite amazed.  If you knew me you would be amazed too.  I was quite shy and didn't advance too much in encouraging relationships at that point.  New Year's Eve for Glen was like a mini class reunion with his closest friends from High School.  I remember one of the couples had just got engaged.  I felt more like an adult that night then ever.  Our path was rocky that month, but we stayed together.  By March, I felt a strong yearning to go away to college.  I was happy with Glen, but as a person I needed more growth.

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