Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fleetwood Mac - You make loving fun 1977 LIVE Full version 2013 Miracle

Each year I choose a word and a song to go along with it.  This year my word is miracle.  I chose Fleetwood Mac because of the importance of the Rumours album in 1977 and the miracle of them being reunited in 2013.  The true spirit of creating something great.......having it not work out and then coming back and reuniting.  They have a new audience and devoted fans who will be made happy this year.  2012 Fleetwood Mac suffered the loss of one it's founding members Bob Welch.  So, my big picture analogy is we as people have suffered heartbreak and losses in 2012 and it is not necessarily going to take a miracle to get back into shape.....probably just a lot of hard work.  But, I think miracles are going to appear to make all of the hard work seem worth it!
My little miracle so far.....the last day of 2012 I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring.  I looked....I looked.....I sat down....felt emotional and thought there is no way it will be found.  I lost it in Convention Hall and never felt a snag or anything to make me think where I could have lost it.  I took a chance to tell the workers at the Hall what happened.  They started looking for it right away.  Bob, said don't worry I will find it.  I felt pretty hopeless of it being found.  I went home and a couple of hours later the phone rang.  Bob found the diamond.........what a miracle!!!  I worked on making him a thank you note and forgot it New Year's Day.  Darn.....I wanted to do something nice....took the time and I forgot it.  New Year's Day is the Sons of Ireland polar bear plunge.  They do fundraising for local charities.  They have a 50/50 and about one thousand dollars was the prize.  Guess who won the 50/50????  Bob!!!  

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