Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Thinking

So, I have a day off.  How do I make the most of it?  I have to go to Costco to put food in the fridge and some supplies for the store.  So, I did something free and close by.  I went to Toms River where they are displaying some sculptures from Grounds for Sculptures from Seward Johnson.  I have been to  Grounds for Sculpture a couple of times and highly recommend it.  But, the installation in Toms River is a temporary exhibit and free.  I wanted to be sure to get there and post some pictures.  It ended up being an historical day and was glad to be home afterwards to watch a history making day unfold.  Then I ended my day at the shop.  My daughter and I rode to Asbury Park together and I have to say I really appreciated any time we get to spend together.   Here is a link to a map and the pictures I took.  It is a nice little walking tour.

On a side note.  I LOVE that something like this is happening in the summer of 2015.  But, it is scary.  The streets and shops were deserted.  I went to costco after and there were lines 10 deep for everything. It leads to the question of Curious again for the state of Main Street America.  Are we all asleep at the wheel.  Yes, the downtown area buildings are kept up beautifully along with landscaping.  But, the businesses were open and EMPTY!  What is happening  and at what is our future like?  It is obvious this art installment was used to help this situation, but it is also obvious people have to stop and smell the roses too!  It is a busy and fast paced world right now, I hope if you have the time to read this you too can take advantage of something that is free and close to home.   STOP and smell the roses,  PLEASE!

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  1. I love these sculptures! I will be checking back on your prev posts whenb I have more time. Thanks for sharing.