Sunday, June 21, 2015

From small things, Big things one day come!

So this picture deserves a whole blog post.  Because, it involves one of the biggest parts of the romance of Asbury Park to me.  This is Carrie Potter-Devening.  She is the author of a book called For Music's Sake Scrapbook  Asbury Park' Upstage Club and Green Mermaid Cafe-The Untold Stories.  Her grandparents owned and operated the Upstage Club.  It is a building still standing on Cookman Avenue.  It is where Thom McCann shoes were located on the corner.  The back of the building still has a ghost painting of the Thom McCann sign facing Lake Avenue.  The book unfolds a magical place opened during the late sixties for only a few years.  Not only is it a time capsule of that time during a very artistic period during American Art History........the murals painted in neon paint on black walls after ALL these years are still there!  I will share more pictures from when I bought the book a few years back and hope to meet up with Carrie again this week.

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