Saturday, March 14, 2015


I BELIEVE IN WISHFUL THINKING.  I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF THINKING POSITIVE.  Not in the fictional kind like I dream of Jeannie, Bewitched or Disney fairy wishes coming true.  But, in real life I believe with hard work, goal setting, and determination you can take your skills and make the life you always dreamed of living.  This is a picture of my son and daughter at the Brooklyn Museum at Yoko Ono's Wish Tree.  I never asked what their wishes were.  I did write my wish and all I have left to wish is for their wishes to come true.
One part of our life that has been rekindled for Glen and I is going out and listening to live music.  This is how Glen and I met and like he says we went out "eight days a week"  to different bars to listen to our favorite bands.  When Ian got the call to play with the Billy Walton band we were thrilled.  I knew who they were right away, because Billy Walton played with Southside Johnny.  After we saw them the first time we were hooked.  We would stay for every set, and at our age that is becoming more and more challenging.  But, it is like we were in our early twenties, and believe me that is something I wished for.  Never getting old.....ha!  But, the trick is you really can feel like you are not getting old with the power of good music.  I highly recommend you attend one show this year and that is Billy Walton Band's CD release  on March 29th at the Saint in Asbury Park.  It is a Sunday afternoon show at 2pm and promises to be a great time with great people.  Ten dollars gets you in the door and you get a CD with the price of admission to take home.  So, come on Wish for What You Want with us!  More info on the Billy Walton Band can be found here.

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