Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Mickey Dolenz

 As I drove to Convention Hall today I was listening to Steve VanZandt's Underground Garage station on the radio.  He was playing some Monkees songs and one that struck my in particular was Going Down sung by Mickey Dolenz and then they announced it was Mickey's birthday.  What a cool the horns.  And, I don't know, but I think he may have started the whole rap thing with that song.
I started thinking how cool it was when I met him at one of the Happy Together shows at Convention Hall and he signed a record cover for us.  I started thinking how I loved the tv show and when my brother said to me once....."you know they are not real?".   It was like he told me there was not really a tooth fairy or a santa.  But, I came to their defense very quickly.  And he went on to say they were nothing but, lip syncers and they didn't really play the instruments.  It was all pretend. Yes, Geralyn they are a want to be, totally made up band to compete with the Beatles.  The American's defense against the British Invasion.  It all broke my heart.  A lot of time has gone by and now with the store I started looking at the album covers and reading the song writers.  It was Neil Diamond and Carole King who wrote a lot of the music.    I started thinking so what if they were made up....they still played an important part of American's contribution to rock and roll music.  One of my other favorite trivia I learned was David Bowie's real name was David Jones, but he couldn't use the name because Davey Jones already was in the entertainment business using the name.  Also, Davey Jones was about 11 playing Oliver in a play on the Ed Sullivan show the same night the Beatles were on and watched them perform and decided he wanted to be them.  So, after thinking and listening to that then they played a song from the Weeklings a new local band.  Their cd release is next weekend at the Wonder Bar and they have a sound a lot like the Beatles.  So, then my serendipity moment when I walk to Convention Hall and see the Monkees car.  So,  I am daydream believer, but you already knew that.  Here is the song in case you want to give it a listen.  I think it is a really cool song, that I don't really remember.

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