Tuesday, March 10, 2015

International Women's Day-My tribute to Donna Summer

I have been enjoying facebook and all the attention to International Women's Day.  I love to blog,  because I feel it gives me the chance to be a student again.  I really did love school.  I wasn't the best student because I didn't have confidence in my choices of the subject, or what to include, without copying what I read.  When I took composition in college and recieved a D in my first semester and then a B in Composition 2, I couldn't really figure out what I did differently in the two semesters.  With me, anyway, it took age to understand more that writing is about you AND the reader.  But, the you has to come first, and then the hope you are connecting with your readers comes next.  I wrote more from the heart my second semester and the teacher  encouraged me and would write paragraph reactions to what I wrote.
I  find it fascinating  how easy it is to find and share information in today's age.  So, to do this blog post I googled Donna Summer and I read her record album covers.  I wanted to choose a woman to honor that I didn't see anyone else paying tribute to.  She was referred to as a the Queen of Disco.  A true talent who perfectly represented the music of the late seventies.  She was a wife, mother, songwriter, singer, actress and later became a painter.
One of her later albums was called "Once Upon A Time".  To me it sounds autobiographical.  It is about living a dream and afterall she is referred to as the Queen of Disco.  She in her own life was able to have her own successful career and then spend the rest of her life out of the public life at home.  A life she created. She totally was a reflection of the disco era.  A modern day success story.  Able to have career and family life.  A person to admire and remember as an honorable woman.  Interested in her art work? You can find it here.  I also love the video she did for:  "She Works Hard for the Money".  A great tribute to the working woman.

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