Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some Earth Day thoughts......

   I always feel good on Earth Day since, we started our business.  I love the idea of what we do is  being creative with records that aren't played anymore.  I love hearing your positive responses to what we do also.  There is an unlimited and endless supply of records, especially ones that were made famous by selling millions of copies.  This year we have decided to sell EVERYTHING handmade!!!!  After a few years we have seen just how well the items that we make outsell everything else.  We also have seen your enthusiasm in buying old vinyl also.  We will have more records available for sale, also.  Glen is making a lot of inventory already.  I am starting to make a huge amount of cards and journals this week.  And, my daughter Kaylyn will be painting dogs on vinyl and making greeting cards.  We will be probably be back in business by mid- May......yay!!!!

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