Saturday, October 12, 2013

Who could make up this birthday wish?

So last year I had an amazing birthday with my family in New York city.....we went to see the Warhol show at the Met, had macarons from Lauderee, went to this gallery full of rock celebrity photographs, stuffed our faces in Little Italy and topped it off for a walk through Greenwich village to look through galleries and record stores.  The best!!!!!  This year I am spending the weekend watching my son play the trombone with the Billy Walton Band.  This is a dream being played out like no other.  I don't know how Billy Walton is doing it, but it is starting to play with my head.  The first time I saw them play was down at Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.  Billy has a very cool style of playing the guitar full of blues and soul.  He also does not have a set list.  So, it is sort of a mystery night of sorts to see what he will play.  Well, the first time he started playing a Chicago song which includes the horns, of course.  But, as soon as the horns would have a part he would stop.  Wow!!!! What a tease.  So, each time I see them now I stop pulling out my camera, because in the beginning I thought I would catch a video that would mean so much.  As, my husband and Ian are such big Chicago fans.  The last few times he does get to the horn part and actually starts a verse and then ends it real quick.  I am starting to think the only thing I am wishing for is a full version of this song and hope I catch it on video........let's say if prayers are answered, weather cooperates, phone battery charged......I could maybe show you a video of the best birthday ever!!!!!

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