Sunday, October 13, 2013

Birthday blessings

 Sun Halo in the spring.......never saw in my lifetime until this year.  Without facebook I would have never known to look outside to see this....and without my iphone I would not have taken a picture.
I have mentioned shark's teeth and my dad before.  We used to search for days on end and we never found much together.  Towards the end of the summer a huge slab of cement fell off the ceiling on the Northeast corner of Convention did NOT hurt anyone....thank god!  But, it was a sign of what is to come for the building....the entire building is not safe.  Our store is open, but the future is unclear.  The day this happened I had not had my day at the beach, so I decided to combine a visit to the store and the beach.  We weren't sitting long on the beach and my husband said let's go look at the damage.  I took two steps from my chair and this is what I found!  A sure sign to me that all will be ok.
     So, these are a couple of signs in my year of a miracle....the others include:

Kaylyn and Ian graduating from college
Kaylyn landing an internship teaching kindergarten in China and being there for 9 weeks.
Ian playing with 6 different bands currently.  I included the picture video above because in November he leaves with the Billy Walton band to play in Germany and England
I got a job as Department Manager for Boscov's
Glen is still working driving the bus for Colt's Neck school system
My mom was very sick and on a respirator, but has healed and looks better then ever

As we move into November I am truely grateful for my blessings.

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