Wednesday, October 9, 2013


 These our some pictures of our check it out America summer.  This picture was taken in Orlando after a day at Disney.  The sunset, the camper, and Glen being relaxed.  It was a great day and I am so glad I have pictures to remember it by.
 This is the day we had a visit with Glen's family and they took this picture of us.  Yes, our dog Chivas accompanied us cross country.  A challenge sometimes when we had to go to dinner together and it was hot.  But, as you can see in the following picture he really enjoyed the trip.
 I remember thinking our dog had the best life.   He got to enjoy his golden years by traveling with us.
 Glen and I would agree this was the BEST breakfast we ever had.  We rode horseback to see Mount Rushmore close up.  Then at the top of the mountain we all got off our horses and watched as the crew made pancakes and sausage on the grill.  They cooked the sausage in the maple syrup and the weather and view was perfection.  The shade of the giant trees and the sound of nothing but, birds and rustling leaves made it absolutely perfect.  The smell of the breakfast cooking was pretty special also!

And, finally seeing the BADLANDS in person.  When you drive cross country it is an amazing experience.  By the time you get to Kansas you realize how much corn this country actually grows.  We experienced so many unexpected parts of the country.  It was like life itself.  In the beginning of our trip our camper broke down.  We were advised we should go to Indiana where they actually make the campers.  We ended up in the heart of Amish country.  It was nothing like Lancaster, was real Amish country where we experienced so much culture we knew not too much about.  Very unplanned and could have been negative since we were experiencing a broken camper, but ended up a favorite part of the trip.  Hence, the song Badlands.  Like I said in the post before Badlands got me through my teenage years.  But, so many times in my life it has helped me know I get through anything with my strong belief system.  Glen and I are different religions, different genders, different personalities, etc. etc. but, we have the same beliefs.  We lose faith in our country from time to time, but deep down we want what we had for our children......but, better!!!!!

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