Sunday, February 15, 2015

Yes, I Felt like a Modern Day Esther Howland

 Well, I wish I was comfortable at the, I brought my chair to the store.....I wish I was in Paris enjoying a macaron.....went to Confections of a Rock Star on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park and Glen bought me a box!  Was able to share some and eat two.....yum...they are a little taste of heaven to me.
 I wish I could see some Victorian inspired flowers all day.  Well, Faye and Renee set up a pop up flower shop right across the store.
 I wish I was Esther Howland and I had the time to make a bunch of Valentine cards.  Not only did I make a lot of cards, but I was able to join the pop up shop with their beautiful displays.
 I wish I had a nice photo of Glen and I (wallahhhhh!)
They took pictures with a little polaroid camera.  I wish I would take some time to scrapbook again.  So, I will be making a little book of this post today with supplies I found this week.  So,  I hope if you are reading this you are still making wishes.  But, most of all, wishes don't just happen, it is up to you to make them come true!  And, with a little help from cupid, who can read your mind and make things happen for you helps too!


  1. You are an inspiration to me Geralyn. Keep following your dreams