Monday, October 13, 2014

Turning 55 Reflections

My gift was tickets to see Fleetwood Mac at Madison Square Garden with my husband, daughter and son.
So, listening to music from when you turned 18, sharing the moment with your family could be one of the best feelings ever.  Do you ever think of when you were young and wondered what you would be like when you are old?  I would wonder if I would be like my mother.  I wondered if I would be in pain.  I wondered if I would be restless or settled.  I wondered where I would be living.  Well, most of all I wondered if there really were happily ever afters to the fairy tales.  I wondered if I would have a family.  Would I be fat or skinny, wrinkled and gray?
When I turned 18 I was also old enough to drink.  This brought a certain amount of freedom.  I didn't take the college path right after high school.  I worked in a restaurant and was able to buy my own car.  My girlfriends and I would love to go to the local bars and listen to the local bands.  We knew we were listening to talented musicians and we danced almost every night of the week to a different band.  Bands like Courteous Drivers, Bystander, Fresh, Holme and Cats on a Smooth Surface.  Most of these bands ended the night with the Lynyrd Sknyrd song "Freebird".  When I met Glen we continued on dancing and ending almost every night dancing to "Freebird".   Four years later we were engaged.  I remember the first time we danced to "Freebird" as an engaged couple.  My thoughts were not the mind was racing with  thoughts  of marriage and would I still really be free or "tied down" or trapped.  I was young but, I was giving it a lot of thought.  So, onward we sailed and I have to say after 32 years of marriage I feel better then I ever imagined.  I even look at pictures from ten years ago and feel I look and feel  better then ten years ago .  WOW!  What a great feeling.  So, this birthday most of all  I want to  thank my husband for still making me feel like a "freebird".......the best feeling in the world!

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