Monday, June 16, 2014

Goalllllll !!!!

No, I am not watching the World Cup today.  USA does play today, though.  I am celebrating a goal almost completed.  Last year when I went back to work full time as an department manager for the children's department in a department store I knew time management would be my biggest concern.  I would add some time to a commute, still have to have time for my family, home, dog and bookeeping responsibilities.   And, still find time to relax and renew during my vacation time.  I was able to have a week off and get some things done and relax too.............goal !!!!!  It feels good when you can accomplish what has to get done and not get too stressed out going about it.  This desk I walked by back in the beginning of store opening last year.  I wanted it so bad.....the price for the three pieces were fantastic.  Glen put together the desk and media holder.....I still have a bookcase to put together.  I was in some stores over the vacation and saw some things I wanted to buy to decorate the walls.  But, I decided to make them instead.  I was able to make the  peace, heart and anchor canvases over my vacation with my shell and sea glass collection.  I am happy I not only started them, but finished them too.  I took some pictures this morning at the beach and will use the pictures for greeting cards!  YAY!!!  Summer hasn't even started yet......yay!!!!!