Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Follow That Dream

Once Upon a Dream.......this picture happened.....right?  Sometimes my life seems so surreal I am so thankful for pictures to show that the moments have actually happened.  After Sandy I have taken pictures of a lot of customers and I am making a scrapbook out of it using the Born In The USA record cover as the cover of the scrapbook.
And this really happened too.....right????  Hard to believe but, we got to meet Jim Rotolo, of the Wild and Innocent show on E Street Radio, in person and this was taken after he was checking out the tree Glen had made out of vinyl records.  Jim was so nice and gracious and loved the tree and spent a lot of time admiring all of the different record labels used.  
So, as I get older I feel everyone has dreams and some people make their dreams come true.  But, if no one validates that dream does it really come true?  Through photos and now the digital world of facebook, twitter and instagram we can now share instantly when our dreams come true.  What a great time to be living in.......aren't we lucky?  
In listening to E Street Radio as we are celebrating 30 years after Born in the USA was released I was giving a lot of thought to my dreams.  I even heard a song of Bruce Springteen's that I have never heard before......imagine that!  Follow that Dream an outtake of Born in the USA....a song of Elvis Presley that had a movie of the same name.  It is a beautiful song and talked to me and told me to keep following my dream.  A challenge for me lately is to be motivated to keep my dream alive of our store Greetings from Geralyn.  But, the memories of ALL that has come out of my dream keep me going.  I decided to make a list of ten songs of Bruce Springsteen which have helped me throughout my life to hold onto my dreams and never give up.

Born to Run:  As a teenager I had an intense yearning to get out of my house.  I wanted to run away but, never wanted to hurt my parents.  But, that feeling of wanting independence is sometimes just the feeling you need to make a dream come true for are born with that feeling and it is that basic instinct that will make you jump into something (for example opening Greetings from Geralyn)
No Surrender:   Once you start on your pathway to making a dream come true.....there is no giving up! There are the promises you make to yourself and to others to make sure your dreams come true.
Dream Baby Dream:  I don't understand dreams and how they happen....but, listen to them, write them down, talk about them....and keep dreaming baby!
Working on a Dream:  My dream was never to win the lottery and live happily ever after.  It was to find work and build on economic security and the only way to do that is to keep working!
The Wrecking Ball:   OMG have we had wrecking balls,  no foot traffic on Cookman Avenue, a New Year's Day greeted with a smashed front window to the building in the Arcade we were in, the storm Irene where we lost a whole weekend of income, the superstorm Sandy which filled the whole building of Convention Hall full of water and sand, and the latest this year a water main break that drenched both stores full of water.  Glen's tree survived and dried out without any damage thank goodness.  But, the lesson from the song is know that hard times come and hard times GO.....don't give up and always believe the best is yet to come!
The Rising:  Again having the faith to hold on and to know with the worst comes the best.....without the rain there would be no rainbow.
Into the Fire:  Knowing with prayer and meditation we can get through the most difficult situations.  This is my go to song for helping me get though everything I do not have control of.
For You:  Again there are so many people in our lives we have no control over.  We love them and want only the best for them.  But, we have no idea what they are going through and knowing we can't always be saviors for others.....we can be there for them but, we can't save them for their inner demons which make their dreams fail.
Two Hearts are Better Then One:  Having someone else not only share your dream but make them happen is the most amazing part of a dream come true.  This makes you believe that we can all live happily after whatever that dream may be.
Follow That Dream:  Knowing that just around the corner is the Light of Day even if there is Darkness at the Edge of Town.  

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