Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bruce Springsteen - 2014-01-29 - Cape Town Bellville Velodrome - This Is...

I haven't written in awhile.....sick and getting over a cold.....working a through inventory.  So, 2013 my miracle was becoming employed.  By not calling out sick I now have a comp week.  I have a total of three weeks paid vacation....woot woot!!!!! My first vacation will be a cruise won in 2013....miracle!  My second will be to London, which will include seeing my son play with the Billy Walton Band (he started playing with them in 2013....miracle).  My third will be staying in the area to take advantage of all the shore has to offer during the summer.

2014 Light of Day was fantastic as always with a huge amount of local talent and talent and fans from all over the world coming to a birthday party for Bob Benjamin and all of the proceeds going to Parkinson's.  It is a let down when it is all over.

Sometimes all I need is a good song to get me out of a func.  I always say the same thing in January that I feel like a bear.  Just want to hybernate and go to sleep until it is Spring.  But, making plans for vacation can make that all better,  and a good song.  Sometimes songs can be a weapon and make your mood a lot better.  Thought I would share this video if you needed  a good song to sing too!  Especially love Steven and Bruce singing together and all the SMILES!!!!!

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