Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014.....are you ready?

Well only a few more days left to the year.  I haven't written in awhile....not because of lack of time or inspiration, but because of disappointment.  When you write a blog, you can write privately or share.  I was so disappointed after sharing on facebook to see where traffic to my blog was coming from.  The surprise and again disappointment led me to stop writing.  Which in the end left me disappointed in myself because I didn't fulfill a goal and blamed someone other then myself.   Each year I set my goals, and see what happens.  I think 2013 was a miracle.  We as a family have had so much of our hard work come shining through.  My children graduated college....not a small feat!  My mother was so sick when she was treated her heart stopped beating and was put on a respirator.  After a month in the hospital, I think she is better then ever at 80!  Our store was able to open and Glen opened a second location called Covers and he received a patent for a design of a record tree.  Kaylyn went to China and taught kindergarten for a month and a half.  Ian has played with at least 6 different bands and ended up touring with a band  to England and Germany with Glen joining him for a week.  Glen and I really enjoyed this summer following Ian around and enjoying a great band at great locations we would never known about if it wasn't for them.  Like spending a Sunday in the pinelands of New Jersey is my new favorite way to spend a  day off.  I have started back at a job I am very comfortable in.  I am exhausted, but am ready for 2014 to start again and renew some goals and travel!!!!!  Looking forward to picking a word for 2014!!!  Truely grateful for the miracles of 2013!  Wishing you a Happy New Year and may all your dreams and wishes come true!

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