Monday, August 12, 2013

Land of Hope and Dreams
EVERY morning driving to work  I hear this song.  It plays on E Street Radio at 7:30 am.  Sometimes I am picking up my co-worker and I am saying all aboard as the door opens for her to get into the car.  It is the perfect song to hear as you face a day of hard work.  We filled our store in two and half weeks.
We dropped boxes in departments, planned where the merchandise would go, processed or hung the merchandise on the fixtures, communicated with buyers and our new co-workers, and opened this weekend to large crowds of customers.  Opening a store is exciting and challenging.  Now, we finally get some time off, but it is hard not to be there, hoping all is going well.
   We had some local people win the powerball lottery last week.  When faced with the question of showing up to work the next day, I often wonder if I would.          I would.   I work for the money and security, but I find to be the best person I can be it is not just about having money.  It is finding something you enjoy and having someone appreciate it.  I work for a company that is family owned.  The owner is in his eighties.  He has been in the store for twelve hours a day since opening and has come to my department several times.  He came to me yesterday to shake my hand and say thank you.  Sometimes when you work for someone that is all you need.  A warm handshake, direct eye contact and a thank you.  Yes, I work for the paycheck.  But, I know when I saw him on the first day I shook his hand and said thank you to him.  I appreciate the work and he appreciates me.  That is all you need sometimes.  I am back onboard and it feels good.....every bone in my body aches, but all will be back to normal soon.

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