Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall........

.....Will my life have a fairy tale ending after all?
 Every corner is not perfect, but it contains memories of my jobs and what I love.  This corner has a mini Spode plate I was given on a buying trip to New York City when I worked for Brielle Galleries.  Above it is a tiny eiffel tower I purchased when in Paris, France.
This contains a  pin from when I first had my twins and it was hard to get out of the house.  I started doing home parties for The Homemakers Idea Company and I sold baskets.  That is one of my favorites because it shows home is where the heart is.  And, it makes me remember how wonderful and supportive my friends and family were who had or went to a party of mine.
 This corner shows a little Madame Alexander pin which I wore at the Grand Opening of Boscov's at Monmouth Mall in the year 2001 and shows how life is a circle as I am working for them and training to open a Boscov's in Woodbridge in August.
 This one shows a little teapot and the rectangular piece on the bottom is a barrette I bought on a trip to Mexico and has sat in my jewelry box since 1975.
 This one has a pin from Crabtree and Evelyn which planted in my head the idea of owning my own store one day.
 This is the finished mirror and when I look into each day I can feel thankful, loved, well traveled, and accomplished.  Those are great feelings to have.  To be creative, to me, is one of the best feelings in the world.  First to have the idea and hold on to it.  Then think about it and collect objects I might use some day is the most fun.  Then to finally finish the project and not how I intended.  And finally liking it more, because it is my idea and not someone elses.  Yes, life is like a mosaic and to make one on a mirror to reflect my life, well that is satisfying to say the least!  I also would like to thank Mark Montano for all of his inspiration in his books:  Big Ass Book of Crafts  and glue e6000 which I won in a contest and used for this project.

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