Thursday, June 13, 2013

Willie Nile - American Ride

This reward of traveling cross country we gave ourselves.....not just once but, three times that year.  Glen had lost his father a few years before and they were VERY close.  We even lived with him for a period of time when we renovated our beach house.  We took a train, plane and then my favorite our Voyager(sometimes referred to as the Voyageralyner) and a pop camper cross country.  We called it the check it out America tour.  We mainly went to visit Glen's dad's younger brother and family.  But, we also wrote down every single thing we always wanted to see in this most wonderful country of ours.  No regrets, no thoughts of how we wished we went somewhere.  We went to almost every National Park out west.  We would buy a classical music CD and ride, ride, ride through the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.  It was a dream come true for both of us.  We contemplated moving to our three choices.  St. Augustine, FLA, Kansas City or Camano Island north of Seatlle, WASH.  We came home and sold the camper and after renting the house out, I think we actually broke even and had a trip of a lifetime.

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